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Services - what I can do for you...

  • Custom wallspaces. Offices, homes, public areas.

hummingbird deserthummingbird desert

Bay of Fundy elongatedBay of Fundy elongated

20140119_13472020140119_134720 20140120_114146-Edit20140120_114146-Edit

  • Individual prints, collages, sets.

2013-02-18 Snow Kiteboarding in Gatineau-572013-02-18 Snow Kiteboarding in Gatineau-57 2008-09-20 Sailing-1212008-09-20 Sailing-121 2012-12-14 Miscellaneous-01642012-12-14 Miscellaneous-0164 collage europa finaLcollage europa finaL

  • Images from my portfolio or custom taken by me with your interests, direction, location.