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About me

I have been taking photographs of the beautiful, the interesting, the memorable, the stunning, the unseen for as long as I can remember.

My work is about connection and time.

The moments I attempt to capture through images, the time and place, are for sharing, for connecting you back to that time, that place, to the emotion, experience, and to bring it to the present.

Still images capture the beautiful, strange, unexpected, the unseen, the motion and emotion, in ways that no other medium can. This isn't easy, by the way. If I take a picture of a flower, hopefully it is beautiful all on it's own. But if I can convey more, what I might have experienced or felt, the time of day through the lighting, the season, I am sharing more, giving you more. A beautiful flower in July is beautiful. What about that same flower in early spring sprouting boldy through a late frost?

Still images give us endless time to reflect and see the wonder that the person behind the camera was lucky enough to experience and to share in that experience and discovery.

My greatest inspiration continues to come from the times that I have unwittingly captured something unexpected, only to be discovered on the large screen, or through printing, or just through yet another study of the image, searching for something that I might not have seen consciously. My growing interest and exploration into macro photography is a direct result of this. It has opened up a new avenue of discovery for me and I am always excited to be able to share those discoveries of smaller worlds, of tiny creatures, and of their life cycles with you. We really don't realize how much we miss looking at life with the naked eye, from 5 or 6 feet off the ground. The rapidly increasing quality and technical aspects of digital photography, the cameras, and specialty lenses has opened up worlds to all of us, and reminds me daily of the importance and impermanence of the symbiosis of life that goes on around us.