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2012-04-26 Costa Rica-15152012-08-18 Walk around the Parliament Buildings-07212012-10-02 Point Pelee-08802012-10-02 Point Pelee-09042013-04-21 Opas Timeless Clock and Along Bath Road-01302013-08-05 Big Sandy Bay Beach-2-402013-08-20 Vacation at Greg's-27492013-08-20 Vacation at Greg's-27572013-08-20 Vacation at Greg's-27622013-10-13 Thanksgiving in Gatineau-09572013-10-13 Thanksgiving in Gatineau-09712013-10-13 Thanksgiving in Gatineau-10242013-10-13 Thanksgiving in Gatineau-10312013-10-13 Thanksgiving in Gatineau-10512013-10-20 Adam and Sarah's Half Marathon-0008